Why you should conserve before you generate

Posted by 28th May, 2018 in

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Being in the energy efficiency business, we are seeing a real trend towards businesses looking to install solar systems. While we’re 100 percent behind this movement and the many benefits it brings, we want to make people aware that they should look to conserve energy first, before they generate their own electricity.

How you can conserve

It’s pretty simple really: look at the chattels in your building and the tools required to run your business, that consume energy. These largely depend on the industry you are in, but common across all industries are lights, HVAC, machinery and refrigeration. Technology has come a long way for all of these heavy energy consumers, and in the case of lights, you can upgrade to LED and save up to 80% on your lighting outgoings immediately. For HVAC, a new energy efficient system can reduce the consumption of your HVAC equipment by up to 40%.

The projected savings speak for themselves. Add a state or national subsidy on top of this and you’ll be paying back the energy efficiency upgrade within two years.

Now you can generate

Once you have upgraded your site’s most energy-zapping technologies, you can now look at generating your own energy through installing a solar system. The system will be based on your reduced electricity consumption, so will deliver maximum energy cost savings and a greater return on investment.

Why conserve before you generate?

If you were to install solar before any other energy conservation measures, the systems size would be optimised for your high energy consumption. This means more panels, more inverters and a longer installation which will result in an expensive system with a long payback period. If you do the conservation measures first, the system can be half the size, delivering a much greater return on investment and a considerable reduction in your greenhouse gas emissions.

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