Shine On prequalified for Local Buy Panel in Queensland

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Shine On is pleased to announce that we recently qualified to become a supplier for Local Buy in Queensland for electrical and lighting supplies and sport and recreational facilities and equipment (Local Buy Arrangement numbers LB299 and LB303 respectively). This means that it is easier for Queensland local councils to engage with us for their lighting needs.

What is Local Buy?

Local Buy is a procurement organisation that was established by the Local Government Association of Queensland in 2001, to help meet the procurement needs of local government. Local Buy Arrangements between local council and suppliers are considered tendered, so councils can use the Local Buy approved suppliers for up to $100 million+ through a Request for Quote rather than an open tender process.

How we can help

Electrical and lighting supplies LB299

We develop our own range of market-leading LED lights and partner with local suppliers (for less specialist products) who have the same design and warranty ethos as the Shine On range. This includes:

  • Swift payback periods – achieved through market-leading efficiencies.
  • Enhanced lighting outcomes and environmental benefits – low glare, flicker-free, colour changing etc.
  • Confidence in longevity and associated warranty periods.

In addition, we are vertically integrated, so we can upgrade your current lights to more efficient LEDs and you won’t need to hire a separate electrical contractor.

Sports and recreational facilities and equipment LB303

We also design our own LED sports lighting range for high-mast poles or indoor stadiums and gyms. They have the same strict design standards as our building-based range, with warranties twice those of commonly used LED sports lights.

We also do the following as part of our full-service sports lighting solutions:

  • Lighting designs.
  • Supply of our market-leading sports lights.
  • Electrical and conduit works.
  • Pole removal and installation.
  • Luminaire installation and night time aiming.

Get in touch

If you are a council looking to upgrade your lights, get in touch. We have a team on the ground in Queensland who can provide an obligation free quote, including lighting designs and you will not have to go to tender.