Secure your business with safe lights

Posted by 12th September, 2017 in

All things LED

Most businesses in Australia will testify that the safety of their people and customers is at the forefront of their strategy and the operations of their business. Businesses are constantly looking at ways of improving their processes to ensure that their people are secure at work and safe lights can make a massive difference for a range of industries.

So how can a simple thing like changing a light bulb help the safety of your business? In this article we’ll discuss the many reasons to make the change to Shine On LED lights.

Safe lights with glass-free construction

Your standard incandescent, metal halide, halogen or fluorescent bulb is constructed from glass which for industries such as food manufacturing can be a real issue. Metal halide highbays which are often found in food manufacturing regularly blow at the end of their life, sending shattering glass into produce and machinery causing a halt in production. That’s why it is particularly crucial for food manufacturers to install glass-free LED safe lights, just as Patons have done.

Reduced fire risk

Old lighting technologies can operate at temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees celsius, posing a serious fire risk for business. It’s these scorching temperatures that lead to the violent end of life of many lights, as what happened to the old metal halide highbay above which caught fire. Shine On LED lights operate at temperatures up to 75 degrees celsius, significantly reducing the fire risk to a commercial premises.

Instant start up

Old metal halides simply don’t turn on with the flick of a switch. They operate like boiling a jug, you flick the switch to get around 1% power and then eventually in 10 minutes to half an hour later they work themselves up to 100% and you finally have the light output you need. This can be a real issue for businesses with forklifts and cherry pickers that need constant, bright light. Some counter this by sending someone in early to turn on the lights. An even better solution is to upgrade to Shine On LED highbays, that turn on instantly and operate at a quarter of the cost.

Longer life

You all know that LED lights way outlast old lighting technologies, but have you thought about how this affects safety? It’s simple really. The more often older lighting needs replacing, the more often your people are up ladders changing that lighting. Shine On LEDs last up to 20 times longer than old lights and they have warranties to match. So even if in the unlikely event a light was to fail, you wouldn’t be replacing it for at least three to five years. That would be our job.

Contact one of our lighting specialists today to discuss how we can make your business safer with LED safe lights.