Introducing the H-Flux Mk3 LED Highbay

Posted by 20th September, 2017 in

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When we were looking to update our flagship product the H-Flux highbay, we had a number of aims that we wanted to achieve. Firstly, it was compulsory that the new H-Flux was to be the highest performing highbay on the market. This meant not only in terms of efficacy but also thermal management and lifetime rating. Secondly, we wanted to offer the same undeniable quality and reliability of the incumbent H-Flux, and finally, we wanted it to be the best value for money LED highbay available.

In the H-Flux Mk3 highbay, we believe we have achieved all that we set out to do and more.

The best chips

The H-Flux Mk3 is 22% more energy efficient than its predecessor with the key change being the shift to the latest generation Nichia 3030 LED chips, which are the highest performing small package LEDs available. Not only do they have extremely high efficiency, they also have the benefit of delivering excellent lumen maintenance. This means that the light will stay brighter for longer and the H-Flux Mk3 guarantees L70 is well beyond 100,000 hours!

The best driver

We have retained the incredibly robust Philips Xitanium Driver, which is the only driver solution that offers a 100,000 hour lifetime rating. It also includes Module Temperature Control (MTC) that is designed to protect the LED module from excessive heat and will reduce the output current if the specified temperature threshold is breached. What this means is the luminaire is far more reliable.

Superior heat dissipation

The H-Flux Mk3 uses a high grade 6063 anodised aluminium heat sink which offers vastly superior heat dissipation compared to diecast heat sinks. In fact, extruded aluminium is more than twice as efficient at conducting heat than diecast and therefore provides vastly superior thermal management and an overall longer life of the luminaire.

Other key features of the H-Flux Mk3 include:

  • Improved efficiency of up to 162 lumens per watt – the most efficient highbay available in Australia.
  • Seven year warranty.
  • VEET and ESS accredited.

Why choose the H-Flux Mk3 highbay?

If you want the most efficient highbay that outlasts most of the competition by at least double the rated lifetime, then the H-Flux Mk3 is for you. It is also the most versatile solution, with six different reflector and beam angle options which deliver customised solutions to best suit your needs.

For more detailed technical information on the H-Flux Mk3 highbay, you can find the product specifications here. If you would like to talk directly with one of our lighting specialists about why it’s the right choice for your business call today on 1300 013 648 or email us and one of our lighting specialists will call you.