How long does LED technology really last

Posted by 20th April, 2016 in

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Factors affecting true LED technology lifetime

With the abundance of LED technology available on the market claiming huge product lifetime ratings, it is imperative to understand the factors affecting the true lifetime of LED lighting. When researching LED technology be sure to check their Quality Assurance claims: these claims detail product lifetime and performance specifications and whether products are compliant with all Australian regulatory requirements. This will enable you to quickly eliminate the low quality lights on offer today.

The crucial factors affecting the LED technology lifetime rating are:

  1. The rated lumen-maintenance life
  2. the LED driver
  3. the heatsink

The rated lumen-maintenance life is measured in hours with associated percentage of light output. For example: if an LED fitting is rated at L70, the number refers to the percentage of output the fitting has at the end of its rated life. Therefore, an LED fitting rated at L70 produces 30% less output at the end of a 50,000 hour lifetime. The base level for quality LED fittings is L70. Superior quality fittings can stretch to L90 which is rare, but certainly desirable in terms of quality of light and return on investment.

Furthermore, the LED driver, which is the electrical device that regulates the power to an LED, must also be considered as a key component in the lifetime of LED technology. If the LED driver has a lower lifetime than the LEDs themselves, the overall lifetime of the fitting will match that of the driver.

Another key factor in the lifetime of LEDs is how they handle heat. LED lights normally have metal heatsinks to draw the heat away from the LED chip. If the heatsink is not adequate in size, poorly connected or of a poor design the LED can overheat and will fail very rapidly. It is relevant to note that extruded aluminium is twice as effective at reducing heat than cast aluminium.

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