Commercial LED lighting maintenance

Posted by 12th October, 2016 in

All things LED

As any good facility or maintenance manager will know, poor lights can be a real problem, for these people often work in large spaces with high ceilings and awkward configurations. If a light blows it could mean halting production until an electrician and probably a scissor lift are arranged onsite to change the light. A simple high bay light replacement can end up costing over $500 and that doesn’t include the cost of the actual high bay. What can you do? Replace your old lights to high quality commercial LED lighting which will significantly reduce your commercial lighting maintenance time and costs.

There are a number of reasons to make the switch to commercial LED lighting. It will not only make your business operations easier, but it will also reduce your overhead costs that have restrained you from investing in other ventures. Below we uncover those reasons.

Commercial LED lighting = longer lives

First and foremost, commercial LED lighting lasts up to 20 times longer than their old technology counterparts. What this means is that while an old metal halide high bay may blow every two years, a quality product like the Shine On H-Flux LED high bay can last up to seven years. In other words, within one Shine On H-Flux LED high bay lifetime, you may have halted production, arranged an electrician and a scissor lift more than three times to change one old metal halide, costing your business a lot of unnecessary time and money.

Commercial LED lighting = robust construction

The problem with old technology commercial lighting is they are not built to last. Certain components are made of glass and they operate at temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees celcius. This means that vibrations from production can lead to breakage and high temperatures are a fire hazard, as we discuss in detail in our safe lights blog. Quality commercial LED lighting however, is built with robustness and longevity in mind, making them highly resistant to external impact, and higher temperatures mean longer lives. This eliminates frequent and unnecessary light changes.

Commercial LED lighting = work in extreme temperatures

One thing Australian facility managers need to consider is the extreme temperatures in which we can often operate in. High quality commercial LED lighting has the ability to operate in extremely hot and cold temperatures, meaning that they again have longer lives.

So what does all this tell us? Commercial lighting maintenance can be made easier and cheaper by upgrading to LED lights. Contact one of our lighting specialists today to discuss how we can reduce your business’s time spent on maintaining commercial lighting.