Choosing the right highbay, why LED is the way forward

Posted by 9th June, 2016 in

All things LED

You have a commercial space with a high ceiling, maybe a warehouse, a gym or a manufacturing facility. Due to the ceiling height, you will most probably be using old technology such as metal halides or mercury vapour lamps which are very high in energy consumption, or you have already made the switch to more energy efficient LED solutions such as the LED highbay.

The issue is that not all LED replacements are the same and this is particularly applicable to lights with high ceiling applications.

So what are your options? Management wants to cut down on those overheads and you know that a simple replacement of the lamps has an almost guaranteed return on investment. But where to start? What is the right light for your space? We compare your options below:

  1. Replace your metal halide with another metal halide

    You may think this a is strange option to include, however you’d be surprised how many businesses are still replacing their old money burning technology with out-dated lighting technology. The benefits: you know the light and you know what you’ll get. The negatives: they are expensive to run; they burn out; they don’t last as long and they’re surprisingly expensive to buy in the first place and eventually discontinued. Take this option at your peril.

  2. Replace your metal halide with LED

    Ok, so you’ve thought it through and you’ve come to the conclusion that an LED replacement is the only option, but which LED for your space?

  • Cornlight (lamp replacement)

    This is marketed as a direct LED replacement for an old metal halide lamp, but it’s not as easy as that. The benefits: you don’t have to replace your metal halide ballast or reflector and you’ll see a small power saving. The disadvantages: you still have to rewire the fitting; it omits less light; they are prone to overheating; they void the warranty of the existing fitting, and they have short lives. Did I mention they are not suitable for most warehousing and manufacturing requirements?

  • High-quality circular LED highbay

    This is a straight out switch solution, meaning your full metal halide fitting is replaced by a circular LED highbay. The benefits: cash savings, cash savings and more cash savings. Shine On LEDs are the most energy efficient on the market and this is the best solution if you want a faster return on investment. But that’s not all, they also emit the most light, they have the longest lives and they are less prone to overheating. The disadvantages: not the best solution for aisles; luckily we have an option for that below.

  • Linear LED highbay

    Replaces your old metal halide or even circular LEDs with a linear solution for aisled spaces. Think of large warehouse or manufacturing facilities with narrow work spaces and aisles. The benefits: the same advantages as the high-quality circular LED highbay listed above, however when used in the right space, this application will give you more light where you need it, meaning less wasted light and you’ll require less lamps. The disadvantages: If you put this application in the wrong space the light will be misdirected.

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